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About us

Latvian engineering company KSK Systems carries vast experience in the field of engineering services, IT infrastructure and telecommunications. We have been offering our services since 2003 under the name Brisk Service when it was founded by enthusiastic team of engineers with extensive background in maintenance of IT systems governing production lines, and since 2014 we operate as KSK Systems with focus on our strongest areas of expertise such as electrical networks, telecommunication, security systems.

KSK Systems will help you with establishing and implementing the most suitable solutions for your business needs when it comes to creation, development and modernisation of such infrastructure systems as electrical networks, telecommunication, data centres, data and IT networks, security, and broad range of automation systems.

Our team offers services in technical consulting, technical design, installation, configuration, certification and maintenance of networks, systems and equipment, procurement of products and solutions from industry leading brands in their respective fields.

Professionalism, adaptability to frequently changing requirements, and favourable pricing constitute our competitive advantage. We constantly strive to provide highest level of service to our customers which we strongly believe helps them save on resources and enables focusing on their business objectives. We figure this forthcoming attitude influenced the demand for our services also beyond the Republic of Latvia.